Top Ten Reasons to Hire Barbra Stover

Effective Marketing
  • Detailed marketing campaign & timeline for your property.
  • Dedicated marketing team that produces high quality marketing materials and professional photography with virtual tours.
Certified Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality
  • As your agent, I am skilled in presenting your case in the best light and holding your information confidential from competing interests.
Education and Experience
  • Professional real estate expert with a track record of success.
  • Years of experience successfully buying and selling homes in the local market.
Neighborhood Knowledge
  • I know the schools, market conditions and local economy.
  • Expert knowledge of your neighborhood through sales of numerous homes near yours.
Price Guidance
  • Based on market supply, demand and conditions, I will devise a winning pricing strategy.
  • I will help you select a sales price that will sell your house in the shortest amount of time at the highest possible price.
Regular Communication
  • You can be confident that everything is taken care of because I keep you informed at every step of the buying or selling process.
  • I am readily available via telephone, cell phone and/or email.
Professional Networking
  • I network with professionals that provide the services you will need when buying or selling.
Innovative Problem Solving
  • The process of buying or selling your home involves many factors. Some can pose problems. It is my job to get those problems solved.
Quality, Not Quantity
  • I will serve you selflessly. I care for my clients’ homes as if they were my own!
Beyond the Sale
  • I hope to be your real estate agent for years to come.
  • I will be there for you after the sale. I am a resource to get your answer beyond the sale.