Team Stover Estates

Enzo Fiore

Enzo Fiore, team associate with Stover Estates

Enzo Fiore started in real estate at the age of 16. After meeting award-winning real estate agent Barbra Stover through a music video, Enzo developed an interest in the industry. In August of 2016, Enzo joined Stover Estates as an associate.

Since meeting Barbra, Enzo has been working with two of the most prestigious real estate companies in the world, Rodeo Realty (over $1 billion dollars in sales annually) and Stover Estates. Rodeo Realty and Stover Estates specialize in ultra-high-end properties in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey and surrounding areas. Working alongside top agents including Josh Flagg, Ben Bacal, Barbra Stover, Roger Perry and many more, Enzo has developed an extensive network of connections in Los Angeles.